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Gina, fantastic minds will have to Believe alike... I've just started out stepping into green smoothies, also! I do not incorporate any nut butter, and use floor flax seed in mine ( it nonetheless offers it some a nutty flavor).

I need to acknowledge I was incredibly skeptical about trying this smoothie. I had a pal who experienced told me all about this, so I made a decision I'd personally give it a consider. I love spinach and I love bananas, just was unsure about mixing all of them with each other.

Grossed folks out at perform but that is simply because they did not style it! Clean and yummy! Now I could make in the home. Could use soy solutions. Preserve the healthful yummies coming!

I tried the "green monster smoothie" this early morning and I applied chocolate Far better 'n Peanut Butter; banana, chocolate peanut butter, will it get any improved!!! YUM!!!

I've been looking at about green monster smoothies for some time now and Nevertheless have never tried using one! Your recipe seems to be really easy so I feel it might be the 1st one I consider :-)

I suggest, spinach inside a smoothie?? Even though green might be my favorite shade, it sounded way also wholesome even for my flavor! Nonetheless it's January, a month of latest beginnings, resolutions and cleansing our bodies so I used to be willing to choose an opportunity.

Also, consider it with mangos and pineapples instead of banana, and use h2o rather than the almond milk if you like.. Delectable!

My son and I've these green smoothies every morning. He read review loves them and I love them. So excellent. I haven't tried out peanut butter but might have much too. Should you are likely to use flax seeds you should definitely grind them up very first.

I like Green Smoothies! I take advantage of both frozen pineapple, mango or peaches with frozen bananas (I freeze Those people myself), spinach, flaxseed and water. I really like the flavor of introducing darker berries, but they modify the colour much and i have developed to love that brilliant green color My favorite breakfast!

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